What my first non-Mr Beer Brew will be

After thinking about a few things I believe I’ve made a decision on what my first batch of beer will be after my Beta Brew from my Mr. Beer Kit will be.

I’m going to make some type of India Pale Ale (IPA) and here’s why:

I love IPAs: There’s something about the scent, mouthfeel, and bitterness of an IPA that I love.  A majority of beers I’ve had (and loved) have either been IPAs or double IPAs.

I’m going to drink a lot of it: If I’m going to make a 5 gallon batch of beer there is going to be a lot of beer to drink.  I know a few friends who I can share with, but I’m still going to yield 4 cases of beer.  That will more than likely last me a month which gives me enough time to mess around with some crazy brews that I’ve been thinking of making.

Now I’m off to find a clone of some of my favorite IPAs which include (in no particular order):

  • Hop Stoopid (Lagunitas Brewing Company)li>
  • 2xIPA (Southern Tier Brewing Company)
  • Racer 5 IPA (Bear Republic Brewing Co.)
  • Hop Devil (Victory Brewing Company)
  • Stone IPA (Stone Brewing Co.)

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