Time To Hop To It

After successful bottling of my Beta Brew I wanted to give Mr. Beer one more shot before I went onto bigger and better things.  So using my Mr. Beer 20% coupon code I picked up centennial hops, a hydrometer, a hops scale, and their American Diablo IPA.  I wanted to make a really hoppy beer.  How do I do it?  I went over to the Mr. Beer website and saw their “Live Chat” icon flashing, so I decided to give it a shot.  Here’s what went down:

ME: I was wondering if you can help me with something. I just got some American Devil IPA along with some centennial hops from you folks today. When I’m making the wort can I boil it for 45min or an hour? I was thinking that way I can introduce the hops as bitter. I don’t want to overcook the wort. If I do go that route I plan on ‘chilling’ it to the proper temperature before putting it in the MB keg.

MB: Welcome XXX! Your request has been directed to the Brewing Support department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!
MB: Call accepted by operator MB-Sam. Currently in room: MB-Sam, tom. I’ll be right with you. Thank you for your patience.
MB-Sam: Hi XXX, I would suggest boiling your centennial hops in the boiling water before stirring in the rest of the ingredients. Also, have you already tried the American Devil IPA and are not pleased with the bitterness?

ME: i have never tried it. i just want a really hoppy beer. what if i wanted to add it for aroma? should i dry hop it in the keg?

MB-Sam: yes dry hopping is the best way to keep the aroma of hops in your beer. And if you were to want to increase the bitterness to the already existing bitterness of the IPA, I would suggest no more than say 10 to 20 minutes of a boil of the hops

ME: how long can i boil the wort? generally speaking

MB-Sam: I would not boil the wort prepared from our HMEs for an extended amount of time in general. There’s no need or benefit from doing it.

ME: Ok. Thank You!

MB-Sam: you’re welcome!


There is a chance I may just boil all of the water that Mr. Beer calls for, add my hops (perhaps for bittering and aroma) and then add the HMEs, cool it to the right temp in my sink (putting the pot in a sink full of ice), then putting it in the barrel.  We’ll see.  Any suggestions?

PS: I want to give a special thank you to my wife for saving the chat conversation.  I, of course, chose the wrong time to start a live chat right before I had to pick up one of my kids from school.


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