Anvil Forge Review (w/video)

When I was looking for a new burner I stumbled upon this utilitarian looking burner it was for me, with the BTU’s (72,000/hr) to back it up. This looked strong, rugged, and simply made. And at first glance, the Anvil Forge Burner had it all for me.


Fridge Fermentor Video

One of the biggest things that homebrewers need to be conscious of is the temperature of fermentation.  For me, during the summer that is unrealistic in my house.  Our temps rise and fall.  So I found a solution that was fairly cheap & certainly easy to make.  A refrigerator fermentation chamber. Here’s a video I…


Grain To Glass Sweet Oat Stout

I’ve been wanting to create a “Grain To Glass” video for some time now.  This was the first time I’ve truly built a recipe from scratch.  I was inspired after tasting a cinnamon stout.  The cinnamon flavor was ‘on the fence’ with that sweet taste and the hot taste of cinnamon. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSj0sYy8DV8] For some reason…