The Year in Beer

This past Sunday marked a year since I’ve been brewing.  I just want to tell you first and foremost it has been a great year.  Homebrewing beer has been so rewarding for me on so many levels.


Danger IPA- Brew Day

Before I hopped off my Mr. Beer I’ve decide to make one more beer.  I wanted to use their HME (what comes in the can) along with some additional hops.  I picked up their Diablo IPA and 1/2 ounce of centennial hops.  Here’s how I broke it down: 00:00 Boil at 205 degrees 00:00 add…

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Now it’s time to bottle

As I’ve mentioned before this blog is set up for more my purposes to document how I’ve brewed so this way I can use it as a reference.  If you enjoy reading this…great.  OK, let’s go: About an hour ago I tested the beer inside of my Mr. Beer kit (see entry here) and all…


Mr. Beer Coupon Code: Expires Jan-20-2013

Got a piece of mail from Mr. Beer and they published a coupon code on the front of the envelope.  Since it’s clearly available to the public on the front of an envelope, I figured I’d show it to you: Save 20% On Your Next Order!   COUPON CODE:   JAN13FREEA Expires 1/20/2013   Enjoy!

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The Waiting…Is The Hardest Part

So here I am, just about a week (aka 6 days) from the time I first set out on homebrewing. For the record, I know I’m technically brewing my own beer but I can be brewing differently. One thing I’ve read over the past few days on homebrew forums is that (cue Tom Petty)the waiting…


What my first non-Mr Beer Brew will be

After thinking about a few things I believe I’ve made a decision on what my first batch of beer will be after my Beta Brew from my Mr. Beer Kit will be. I’m going to make some type of India Pale Ale (IPA) and here’s why: I love IPAs: There’s something about the scent, mouthfeel, and…


Where’s Mr Beer?

I have decided to call my first batch of beer “Beta Brew” since this really is a test to see how things work out. A very important item to keep in mind is temperature, especially when you are fermenting your beer. Since it’s Winter where I live my house would stay pretty cold. I took…


So what to write?

So here I am, sitting at my computer, creating a blog and thinking…what they hell do I write for my first post?  In my About page I’ve already discussed my intentions. So I figured I’d jot down what started me on this brewing adventure. To put it simple, Mr. Beer.  I have been drinking beer for…