So what to write?

So here I am, sitting at my computer, creating a blog and thinking…what they hell do I write for my first post?  In my About page I’ve already discussed my intentions. So I figured I’d jot down what started me on this brewing adventure.

To put it simple, Mr. Beer.  I have been drinking beer for a while and a little over a two years ago I starting drinking different beers than what you’d normally find on tap at a local watering hole.  Now, mind you I started with Pabst and other wacky brands, but over time that developed into craft beers.  I started keep track of what I’ve been drinking using an app called ‘untappd‘.  I’ve logged in over 100 beers in the past few months.

After tasting the difference in quality from a beer like Pabst to a craft beer like what comes from Southern Tier I’ve seen what small batch beer can do.  It’s like eating a burger from a Mc Donalds and trying a burger from mom & pop burger joint.  You may like a Quarter Pounder With Cheese (or not), but you certainly taste a difference when you dry a thick cut bacon burger with mushrooms and brie at Joe’s Burger Shack.  I also know the kind of burger I can make at home (a pretty good one).  So why not try it with beer?

The initial cost of homebrewing can be expensive.  One can spend upwards of $200 for starter kit alone without every tried doing it before.  Now I could completely suck at brewing beer and then what would I do with $200 of brewing equipment?  Enter Mr. Beer.

For about $40 you can get a kit with pretty much everything you need to make beer.  The things that don’t come in the kit are in your kitchen (a spoon, a pot, water, etc).  The first thing I decided to do was watch the DVD that came with the kit to see what the hell I was going to do.  Here it is:


After I made the beer and it started fermenting I have to admit I got bit by the bug.  I have already started looking at other videos and checking out recipes online for how I am going to go beyond Mr. Beer and get my own kit.  But first I have to wait a couple of weeks and see how much I screwed up.  Wish me luck.


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