Why Am I Getting Tired Of Commercial Beers?

Listen, I know you read the headline and are ready to rip me a knew one.  So please hear me out, it won’t take long. I am honestly asking this question and am doing some soul searching myself and could use a little help.  So after you feel like ripping a new one, please only…


Letterkenny – My Irish Warmer

Since I’m part Irish and a homebrewer I felt compelled as St. Patrick Day approached to make an Irish beer.  In American there aren’t that many beer styles that scream “Ireland”.  Aside from stouts and reds there really isn’t a whole lot out there.  I wanted to brew something different.  I took a page from…


Bud (Powell) Belgian Specialty Ale

Seeing that I’m on the last bit of my Belgian Specialy Ale I figured it would be a nice time to reflect back on this beer and add a new entry.  Before you say anything I wanted to mention that I name my Belgian beers & ciders after Jazz musicians.  While I named this beer…


Speedy Stout (9 days grain to glass)

Over the past few months I’ve been brewing and bottling like crazy.  This is because I make a “Holiday 6-Pack” of beers I hand out to friends and coworkers.  While doing that I depleted my 2 kegs in my keezer.  Fast forward to 2 weeks from Thanksgiving: I realize that I need to fill a…


Freeze Concentrated Stout

I recently made a stout for Thanksgiving.  I took inspiration from a BrewingTV episode when Chip took a chocolate stout and freeze distilled (jacked) it.  While making this stout itself, I decided to make a 6 gallon batch rather than a 5 gallon batch with the intent of doing the same. On keg day, a mere…


My first graf

Every year I make a six pack that I hand out to my friends and coworkers.  I’ve made them IPAs, pale ales, porters, stouts, and other typical beer styles.  This year I wanted to mix things up.  While doing some research on what to make for this year, I came across a recipe for graf….


Drying Homegrown Hops

Using a tip I learned from Alton Brown (for drying spices) I’ve set up a box fan and air filters to dry the hops I’ve grown at home. Then I seal them up with my vacuum sealer for storage.