Juice/Wort Experiment

A while ago I did a parti-gyle (see how I do them) and decided to toss some grape juice on top of my quickly boiled wort.  I enjoyed it and got mixed reaction from other beer drinkers.

Now I’ve decided to take this concoction and make it without the parti-gyle.  Here is the recipe:

Partial Mash (15 minute boil)

  • IBU: 20
  • OG: 1.043
  • FG: 1.010
  • ABV: 4.3%

Steeping Grain:

  • 8oz Vienna Malt


  • 3# Light Dry Malt Extract
  • 8oz Table Sugar (to dry it out)
  • 3 Qts Kirkland Grape juice (added to chilled wort)


  • 1oz Nelson Sauvin @15 minutes


  • Safbrew T-58

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