Easy Off Labels


If you haven’t read my post about cleaning bottles (and more importantly the ordeal) let me tell you, it’s an bug task.  However I recently got tipped off to a great way to get off labels.  Using Oxi-Clean!

Here’s what I did:

  1. Add 7 scoops of Oxi-Clean (I used store brand stuff) to a 5-gallon bucket.  I have a clean Lowes bucket I use just for brew cleaning/sanitizing.
  2. Add enough hot tap water to get the mixture half way up the bucket.  Use a large metal spoon to stir it.
  3. Fill pre-cleaned bottles with hot tap water. I usually rinse them out right after use.
  4. Fill the bottles with tap water.  Why waste all that Oxi-water inside the bottle.
  5. Put the bottles in the bucket.
  6. Relax for about 90 minutes or so…have a homebrew?
  7. After the 90 minute mark most of the labels will be off the bottles.  The remainder of them will need some gently pulling.  There may be some glue left on the bottle, but a quick wipe of a sponge will take care of that.

And that’s it!  Easy huh?


  • After rinsing put the bottle in the dishwasher just to dry them out.
  • If you have cuts on your hands be prepared to have some sting when your hands get in contact with the mixture.
  • Check for screw-top bottles before you soak them.  You don’t want to waste space in the bucket with a bottle you can’t cap.

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