Danger IPA- Brew Day

Before I hopped off my Mr. Beer I’ve decide to make one more beer.  I wanted to use their HME (what comes in the can) along with some additional hops.  I picked up their Diablo IPA and 1/2 ounce of centennial hops.  Here’s how I broke it down:

  • 00:00 Boil at 205 degrees
  • 00:00 add 1/4 ounces of centennial hops
  • 00:15 add 1/4 ounces of centennial hops
  • 00:20 flame out
  • 00:20 add Diable IPA slowly into pot


  • Brix: 10
  • Gravity: 1.042
  • Approx ABV: 5.25%


  1. After I added the first set of hops it appeared to smell like spinach during the boil.
  2. If you plan on adding hops to the Mr. Beer can recipe, perhaps you should start with 5 cups of water, as opposed to the 4 cups.  Some of the water evaporates during the 20 minute boil.

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