Bud (Powell) Belgian Specialty Ale

budSeeing that I’m on the last bit of my Belgian Specialy Ale I figured it would be a nice time to reflect back on this beer and add a new entry.  Before you say anything I wanted to mention that I name my Belgian beers & ciders after Jazz musicians.  While I named this beer “Bud” I was completely spacing out and forgot about that other “Bud”.  Now let’s get onto the beer.

I had harvested some yeast from a nice little Belgian pale ale I made for my holiday 6-pack.  I then created a 1-gallon starter from that yeast from a little 15-minute experiment I did (and made a video).  I then used the yeast from that for my big Belgian.

2016-02-27 13.20.15

Here are the details for the beer:

  • Original Gravity: 1.062
  • Final Gravity: 1.005
  • ABV: 7.2%
  • SRM: 18
  • IBU: 18

Grain Bill

  • 9.375# Pilsner Malt
  • 1# Munich Malt
  • 1# Victory Malt
  • .375# Aromatic Malt

Mash Details

  • Steep @148 for 75 min
  • Batch sparge @168 for 10 min

Boil Additions

  • 1oz Stryian Goldings (5.4% AA) @60
  • 1oz Saaz (4% AA) @30
  • 2# Candi Sugar @10 (video on how I did it)
  • Whirfloc tab @5


  • Abbey Ale (WLP530)


Overall impressions:

Color: Golden amber.  My wife, who is not color deficient like I am says, “amber”.

Aroma: Very slight pepper aroma.   If you take a big whiff, you almost want to sneeze.

Taste: Since the hops aren’t front and center there is certainly an earthy spicieness.  Although the yeast did a very good job of eating the sugars, there’s still a residual sweetness to the beer.  This beer doesn’t drink like it’s 7.2%.  Another bonus: there is zero aftertaste so it comes off real clean.

Mouthfeel: It has a surprisingly thick mouthfeel for the style.


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