2016 Saison (in a truer sense of the word)

As it was nearing the middle of summer I was looking for something a little “summery”.  I had just kegged a cream ale and brewed a double IPA (I only do one a year or so) and I was looking for something different.

beer label
beer label

My journey into making my 2016 saison was actually born in the true spirit of a saison.  Back in France saison (or farmhouse ales) were made with any number of ingredients that were laying around not getting used.  In my case I was looking at my yeast and saw a pack of Safale T-58 sitting there.  I honestly can’t remember when I bought it or for what reason.  Oh well, I guess I’m making a saison.

Digging into my (way too big) hop inventory I notice I had some fractions of an ounce of Nelson Sauvin & Hallertauer chilling.  I’m guessing they were left overs from another recipe.  Then I went into my specialty grain inventory.  I had some Special B, Aromatic, and flaked wheat not doing much so in they go!

I also have plenty of Pilsner & white wheat.  So those we used as a base, not to help clean the closet, so to speak.  I emailed a buddy of mine who makes tons of saisons the recipe and he put his approval on it, so I was ready to go.  Here’s the recipe

Profile: Saison

  • SRM: 9
  • IBU: 29
  • OG: 1.064
  • FG: 1.011
  • ABV: 7%

Grain Bill

  • 69% Pilsner
  • 17% White wheat malt
  • 4.3% flaked wheat
  • 3% Aromatic Malt
  • 2% Special B
  • 4.3% Brown Sugar (added at 10 min)

Mash Profile:

150 for 75 minutes.

Boil Additions:

  • .75 oz Nelson Sauvin @60 (12.0% AA)
  • .15 oz Hallertauer  @10 (4.8% AA)


Safale T-58

I chilled the wort to 70 degrees,  I didn’t have the patients to chill down to 64 degrees like Drew recommends. I simply pitched the yeast, finished cleaning up, and tossed it in my fermentation chamber.


2016-08-08 17.12.44

Tasting notes: (as this beer takes shape in the keg, I may modify these notes).

Nice reddish/copper color.  The “saison” spice pops right out of the glass.  There is a very faint plum flavor that comes out.  This beer is not quite as dry as I was hoping for, but I’m comfortable with the level of sweetness that is there.  There is a wine feel coming through too.  I attribute that to the Nelson hops.

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